Isaiah P Goldy

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New Jersey Mirror
Date: September 3, 1823
Page: 3
Column: 3
Summary: On the 28th Ult., by Josea S. Burr, Esq., Mr. Isaiah Goldy to Miss Mary Estell, both of Northampton.

New Jersey Mirror
Category: Marriage
Headline: Married
Date: March 11, 1847
Page: 2
Column: 4
Summary: By G. H. Polhemus, Esq., on February 28, 1847, Mr. Isaiah P. Goldy to Mrs. Mary Haines, all of Southampton Township, Burlington County, NJ.

Mary Stockton Coates Haines married 1-William Coates, married 2-George E Haines and 3-Isaiah P Goldy


New Jersey Mirror
Headline: MARRIED.
Date: March 29, 1871
Page: 2
Column: 5
Summary: At Pemberton, on the 21st ult.(sic., presumably a reference to March, 1871, as opposed to February, 1871), by Rev. J. W. Willmarth, ISAIAH P. GOLDY, of Southampton, and REBECCA B. LAMB, of Pemberton.

New Jersey Mirror
Headline: DIED.
Date: April 8, 1885
Page: 2
Column: 8
Summary: GOLDY.--At Pemberton, April 3d, 1885, Isaiah P. Goldy, Sr.

New Jersey Mirror
Date: October 20, 1909
Page: 3
Column: 1
Summary: ... ---A strange state of affairs has been developed through the filing of a caveat against admitting to probate the will of the late Isaiah P. Goldy, of Long Branch, for many years a well-known conductor on the Amboy division. The caveator, who have proceeded in the Monmouth County Orphans' Court, are J. Goldy Montgomery, of Pemberton, and children of John H. Worrell, deceased, all of whom are nieces and nephews of the testator. The will provides that some of the relatives shall receive $35 each, but the greater part of the estate is bequeathed to a nephew, Isaiah G. Haines, of Georgetown. The action taken is based upon the charge of undue influence on the part of the people with whom the testator lived up to the time of his death, and this is where the unusual condition develops. These people, whoever they may be, are not beneficiaries under the will, while the caveators can gain nothing by having the will broken, for if they did succeed the entire estate would go to S. Pancoast Goldy, of Salem, Ohio, a brother and the testator's nearest of kin, but not a party to the proceeding. Isaiah G. Haines is represented by Charles M. Atkinson, while Eckard P. Budd is proceeding for the caveators.

Will, Pemberton Twp, Burlington County, New Jersey
signed 03 July 1883, proved 14 April 1885
Executors of will: Frank Earl and son-in-law John H Worrell
Witness': William N Bishop, John A Antrim and Budd S Goldy
Appraisers: Frank Earl, John H Worrell and J. Goldy Montgomery
Inventory dated 14 April 1885 William N Bishop and Joseph Reeves
One year after decease executor to sell all of my real and personal estate.

Son: Shedlock P Goldy, his heirs and assigns the one seventh part of all the rest and residence of said moneys arising from sale of my real estate and personal property.

Son: Isaiah P Goldy, his heirs and assign the one seventh part of all the rest and residence of said moneys arising from the sale of my real estate and personal property, less the sum of three hundred dollars, which I shall hereinafter devise.

Grandchildren: of my deceased four daughters, each one seventh part of the foresaid, that is to say. To my deceased daughter:

Serina Haines (late wife of Garwood Haines) one seventh part.
the child of my deceased daughter
Jerusha Dobbins (late wife of Ambrose Dobbins, whose name is Albert N Dobbins) one seventh part (less the sum of three hundred dollars, which said sum I shall hereinafter devise)

the child of deceased daughter Sarah Montgomery
Goldy Montgomery one seventh part (less three hundred dollars which said sum I shall hereinafter devise)
the children of deceased daughter
Mary Worrell (late wife of John H Worrell) together with the nine hundred dollars, I have thought profice to take from the shares of Goldy Montgomery, Albert N Dobbins and Isaiah P Goldy, she my said daughter Mary Worrell having left four children.

My Wife: Rebecca B Goldy the remaining one seventh part of my real estate or moneys arising there from as a foresaid. Together with what household goods she brought to my house. In lien of her said right of dower on and to all my real estate to do with as she my said wife may think best.

Codicil: 03 July 1883 All that changed was that after decease of said wife then the remaining six from will get one sixth part.

Cash in Bank: $3251.29

03.26.1885 Charles Hiester $27.00 interest .08
03.19.1884 William B Pope $200.00 interest $12.83
06.04.1883 Palmer D Worrell $ 300.00 interest $15.50
05.17.1883 Isaiah P Goldy $1000.00 interest $54.66
05.14.1883 Benjamin Taylor $50.00 interest $3.00
12.29.1882 S.P. Goldy $500.00 interest 68.88
03.31.1882 John G Mills $2000.00 interest $3.34
08.02.1881 Joseph Wells $150.00 interest 34.47
03.25.1880 J.E. and Lewis Butterworth $ 1000.00 interest $52.78
06.20.1879 Josiah Huston $100.00 interest $4.91
03.26.1878 Albert N Dobbins $1000.00 ionterest $3.34
03.24.1874 Ambrose Dobbins $34.00 interest $21.57
05.10.1873 John N Prickett $250.00 interest $12.11

10 Shares Pemberton and Hightstown Railroad stock
8 Shares Vincenttown Branch Railroad
1 Share Burlington County Agriculture Society

Bond and Motgages:
03.25.1881 William B Pope $7500.00 ionterest $20.83
08.02.1880 Henry J Pope $100.00 interest $20.59
03.10.1880 Peter Ellis and wife $2000.00 interest $11.33
08.27.1879 John Hoffman $225.00 interest $22.95
03.26.1878 Isaiah G Pope $1000.00 interest $3.33
03.20.1877 Emily Woodward $6000.00 interest $16.00

03.26.1883 John H Worrell $668.00 interest $82.38
03.25.1881 John G Montgomery $1753.12 interest $5.84
09.01.1880 Peter Ellis $1000.00 interest $2.33
01.15.1872 Rebecca C Budd $2200.00 interest $27.20

New Jersey Mirror
Date: January 12, 1910
Page: 3
Column: 7
Summary: By virtue of the last will and testament of Isaiah P. Goldy, late of the borough of Pemberton, in the county of Burlington and State of New Jersey, deceased, wherein Frank Earl, John H. Worrell and J. Goldy Montgomery were appointed executors, with power to sell at public sale the hereinafter described property, and to give to the purchaser as good and sufficient title as the testator could if personally living, said last will and testament being duly proven by the Surrogate of Burlington county, I will sell at public sale, at the Pemberton Inn, at Pemberton, New Jersey, on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 1910 all the following described property: All that dwelling house and lot of land situate on the west side of Hanover street, in the borough of Pemberton, county of Burlington and State of New Jersey, adjoining lands of Daniel F. Gibbs on the north, and lands of formerly Rebecca D. Keeler on the south, and which premises in and by a deed from "The Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church" to the said William Malsbury, bearing date June 17th, A. D. 1852, and recorded in the office of the Clerk of said county in Book U-5 of Deeds, page 132, are more particularly bounded and described as follows, viz: Beginning at northeast corner of a lot of belonging to Thomas Swaim, on the west side of Hanover street, and runs along the west line of Hanover street north twenty-six degrees east two perches to the corner of a lot belonging to Benajah Antrim; thence along the line of the same north sixty-four degrees west eighteen perches to Jervas street; thence along the east side line of said Jervas street south twenty-six degrees west two perches to the aforesaid Thomas Swaim's lot. Being the same premises which the said Isaiah P. Goldy, deceased became seized of by virtue of a deed from under the hands and seals of Eayre O. Lippincott and Carrie H. Lippincott, dated January 16th, 1882, and recorded in the Burlington County Clerk's office in Book Y-11 of Deeds, folio 108, &c. Sale will commence at 1 P. M. sharp. Conditions made known at the time of sale. J. GOLDY MONTGOMERY, Surviving Executor. S. G. Parker, Auctioneer, J. H. Kelsey, Proctor. 28-5t Prts. adv. fee $24.78. (This notice also appears in the January 19, 1910 edition at Page 3, Column 7, the January 26, 1910 edition at Page 3, Column 8, the February 2, 1910 edition at Page 2, Column 6 and the February 9, 1910 edition at Page 3, Column 7.)

New Jersey Mirror

Date: June 1, 1910
Page: 3
Column: 2
Summary: ... ---J. Goldy Montgomery, of Pemberton, who through his counsel, Eckard P. Budd, filed a caveat against the probating of the will of his uncle, Isaiah P. Goldy, of Ocean township, Monmouth county, on the grounds that the testator was of unsound mind when the will was made, has withdrawn the caveat, it having been proven that Mr. Goldy was in good mental condition at the time of making the will. ...