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Samuel Goldy and Dorothy Brooks started it!

Samuel first appeared on documents in Springfield Township, Burlington County, New Jersey in 1707.

He was listed as a Yeoman, Bondsman, Justice,
Overseer of the poor, Burlington County coroner and served on the Grand Jury in 1707 and 1708.

Listed in a newspaper article in 1711 as part of a Protest against the Proceedings of the Council of Proprietors of West Jersey, along with
Daniel Leeds and others. (From NY Col. MSS. Vol. LVII, p. 25) during admin. of Gov. Hunter.

Colonial Conveyances of East/West Jersey:
1664-1794 Samuel Goldy purchased property on the Rancocas Creek and Jade's Run-1709

1716 Samuel Goldy, Coroner of Burlington, during court proceedings, was rather outspoken-surprising due to him being a Quaker.
This is the only document that states that Samuel Goldy, any Goldy for that matter, is/was a Quaker.



12.22.1707 witness of will  John Crosby of Springfield, Burlington County, NJ.

07.06.1708 with Daniel Leeds Esq. are appointed administrators of the estate of Elizabeth Gooldy deceased of Springfield.

07.12.1708 administrator with Daniel Leeds for the estate of Elizabeth Fenton of Mansfield, are chosen and appointed guardians of Jeremiah, about 17, Enoch, about 15 and Elizabeth, about 13, minor children of Eleazer and Elizabeth Fenton of Mansfield.

04.04.1709 witness of will  Thomas Kendall of Burlington, NJ.

09.28.1709 witness bond of Daniel Leeds of Springfield, Burlington County, NJ.

04.26.1711 bondsman on marriage of Isaac Irmis of Mansfield and Sarah Johnson.

02.01.1714 witness of will  William Atkinson of Springfield, Burlington County, NJ.

05.01.1715 witness of will  William Fisher of Burlington County.

05.11.1715 Daniel Leeds his signature before Samuel Goldy, justice.

09.12.1721 witness of will  Zachariah Jess of Springfield.

07.07.1722 witness of will  James Watson of Burlington County.


02.02.1718/9 Shareholder, Northampton.

02.02.1720 Overseer of the poor

02.02.1720/1 Overseer of the poor

02.02.1721/2 Freeholder

02.02.1722/3 Freeholder and 1 of 2 to settle Northampton Township boundaries.

He married first, before January 29, 1707,
Elizabeth Stacy Fenton, widow of Eleazer Fenton. Elizabeth Stacy was the daughter of Mahlon Stacy (Stacye) 1638-1703/4 and Rebecca Ely 1648-1711. Mahlon arrived in America around 1677 on the "Shield".

*It has been proven that this Mahlon Stacy, was not only the first white settler in the area, It is he who founded Falls of Delaware (Trenton). A Pilgram, came over on the "Shield" and not the Kent as first thought.
He had built a mill in 1680, near the mouth of the Assunpink. As a member of the socety of Friends, also, of the assembly, member of council of the Govenor, Judge of the supreme court, and signer of the constitution of West New Jersey.
Buried at the Friends Burial lot in Riverview Cemetery.
Leader of Yorkshire Quakers.

Samuel and Elizabeth had no children together.

Samuel second married Dorothy Brooks about 1715.

And their children:

William 1716-1751, married Deborah Haines Troth (widow of Paul Troth)

        they had:

        Samuel 1742-1819, married Ann Toy

            William Goldy died 1751, lived in Evesham, Burlington County, New Jersey
will administrated by brothers Joseph and John Goldy both of Gloucester City, husbandmen on 06 April 1751.
William Goldy died owing 463 pounds.

He is listed in the Index of Wills page 132. Have copy of the Inventory of his estate.
Apparently he died interstate.   

Deborah was the widow of Paul Troth. She had a son William Troth, 1733-1808, who married Esther Borton, in 1756, she is the daughter of William Borton and Deborah Hedge. Also a son Isaac and three daughters: Elizabeth, Mary and Jane


a-usa2.gif (3271 bytes) Joseph 1718-1774, School Master, married Margaret Wells

     12.03.1728 will of John Brooks of Evesham, Burlington County, wife Elizabeth, daughter Dorothy Goldy f10 and grandson Joseph            Goldy while I promised him for dwelling with me until he is 14 years old-

        In a book labeled "Minutes of Gloucester Township 1747-1808"
I found info. about Joseph Gouldy (alias Goldy). Gloucester Twp. was the area I know as Chews Landing, now called
Glendora, near Blackwood. Anyway Joseph Gouldy was Overseer of the roads on
March 14, 1748/9 assigned for Gloucester Twp.  Then he was the Assessor (for taxes) in 1754,55, 56, 57, and 1758.
It appears he lived in the area for about 10 years.

Elizabeth b: 1721, married Samuel Parker and 2nd Valentine Ayers

         In the Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey Vol. 19 No. 2 April, 1944 Whole No. 76 On page 46 it says- May 11, 1741, Samuel Parker, Northampton, Burlington County, blacksmith, and Elizabeth Goldy, daughter of Dorothy Allen, late Dorothy Goldy.

Also found in the Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey Vol. 18 No. 1 January, 1943 Whole No. 71 page 19 It states;

James Allen, b abt 170-; brother of Robert Allen; d abt September 1761, in Northampton tp., Burl. Co.; md. (1) Dec. 30 1929, in Philadelphia, to Dorothy (Brooks) Goldy, dau. of John Brooks and wid, pf Samuel Goldy, b. abt 170-; d.1741-8; md. (2) 174-, to Ruth Woolston, dau. of Samuel Woolston of Northampton tp., and probably the "Ruth Allen", b. abt. 1723, who d Mar. 20,1750, age 27, and is buried at Mt Holly.

John 1723-1805, married Margaret Allen

    more information on John can be found be clicking onto his page. (click on " up" which will take you to "Goldys are in here". Click onto "John Goldy 1723")


Mary b:1724.


Dorothy Brooks Goldy second married James Allen 10 month 30 1729 at The First Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia.