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Most Goldy's in Lycoming County, PA are related to Forest Linwood Goldy. The Gouldy's in Lycoming County, PA are related to James Curren Gouldy, Forest's brother. Both are descendants of John.


John Goldy was born January 20, 1756 in Burlington County, New Jersey and died July 4, 1831 in Williamsport, Lycoming County, PA. He was the son of Joseph Goldy 1718-1774 and Margaret Wells.

He married Mary Budd McCulley at New Mills, in Burlington County, New Jersey on October 19, 1784. Their children are: Joseph 1786-1850, Samuel 1787-1865, Achsah 1789-1865, Sarah, John Budd 1791-1864, Harriet E. 1805-1877 and William B; 1807.

(Early New Jersey Marriages, vol. G 1739-1791 #251-327)
John Goldy of the township of New Hanover, and John Ott of the Township of Northampton...(bound to)...William Livingston, Governor...500 pounds...16 October 1784...contract of marriage between John Goldy above named...and Mary McCulley...wit Jos: REA

Stryker's Revolutionary War Census. Northampton.

This is Revolutionary War John. Land and Naval Service. Enlisted January 20th 1777.

John Goldy, Pvt., age 20 years.
Cap't John Hollingshead's Company, 2nd Reg.
Enlisted- Burlington Co. 01.24.1777
Mustered out- 05.20.1783
Received land from government- 10.17.1789 --#8327
Died Lycoming Co., Pennsylvania- 07.04.1831

Born in Burlington County. John Goldy enlisted at the age of 20, in the 2nd NJ Continental Line for the duration of the Revolutionary War. John participated in the battles of Short Hills, Brandywine, Monmouth and Springfield. He was present at the surrender of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown, Virginia. He was discharged at New Windsor, New York in 1783.

By 1787 John and his family were living Pemberton. In 1797 John moved his family to Williamsport, Lycoming County, PA. He was awarded a 100 acre land grant, 17 October 1789. Land grant number 8327. He lived there until his death.

Lycoming County Pennsylvania  Genealogy Report  Chapter LIV. 1892

A native of Trenton, New Jersey, and a veteran of the Revolutionary War, came to Williamsport, Pennsylvania, in 1797. He found employment with Judge Hepburn, on a farm, and resided in this county until his death. He was the father of four son and three daughters: Joseph, Samuel, William, John B, Agnes (correct name is Achsah) who married a Mr. (Stacus) Throp, Sarah, who married Andrew McMurray and Harriet E, who became the wife of Joseph Elliott, all of whom are dead.
John Goldy, was with Gen. George Washington at Valley Forge December 1777-June 1778.

Now where in Lycoming County are you buried??


Personal ID: NJ08707
Last Name: GOLDY First Name: JOHN Suffix: 
Rank: SERGEANT Rank Type: NCO Ethnicity: 
State: NJ Regiment: 2 NJ Division: SUPPORT DIVISION
Monthly Muster Roll Status
December 1777:  ON ROLL
January 1778: ON ROLL
February 1778: ON ROLL
March 1778: ON ROLL
April 1778: 
May 1778: 
June 1778



Showed an 1820 Census that Harriot 13 yr. old and William 11 yr. old living at home.

Lycoming Gazette
Williamsport, PA
10 May 1826-31 Dec 1836
6 July 1831
John GOLDY, died in this Borough on Monday last, in the 75th year of his age. He was a soldier of the Revolution and, at the time of his decease, received a pension from the United States and also from Pennsylvania.




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Their marriage bond.

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John Goldy's Signature on papers being filed in Pennsylvania asking for support (pension).


MaryBMcCulleyGoldySignature.JPG (89807 bytes)

The signature of Mary Goldy now the widow of John Goldy. She is asking for support, providing information that she was married to John Goldy, sergeant in the Revolutionary War.