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3/25/2005  Dear Donnamarie:FYI: The Hawaii Korean Memorial is for Hawaii residents who died during that war. However, I did find your relative's name on a memorial wall at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (Punchbowl). If you were to walk into this particular wall area go straight through, stop by the tree and  turn immediately to your left, your relative's name would be around waist high. 

Cheers - Phoenix


cemetery 001.jpg (803431 bytes)

#1: Entrance to the Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.The walls are below left and right of the far statue.

cemetery 013.jpg (966494 bytes)

#2 is a close up of the statue

memorialwords2.jpg (1071976 bytes)

#3 are the memorial words at the very bottom right of the stairs leading to the statue.  Your person is in one of the wall sections on the right.

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