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Marriage Certificate

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19 August 1884

William Corlies Goldy & Ruth A Stafford



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Ethel Browning Goldy

Amy was named for Walt Whitman and he had pictures of himself taken with Amy is the reason Ruth and my Grandfather hung on to it. 

There was also the Stafford/Walt Whitman connection thru Ruth and Amy

Amy was Walt Whitman's little pride an joy, he loved her dearly! There are pictures and letters that I copied from the Library of Congress-Charles Feinberg bought them from my Grandfather and Great Uncle in the 50-60's area. There are more things regarding Whitman. There is also the Whitman/Stafford house located in Laurel Springs, NJ. It was restored by Stafford's.

Whitman often stayed with Stafford family at their  farm in New Jersey where he spent restorative time by Timber Creek, regaining his health.


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Amy Whitman Goldy



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In the photo starting from the left: Amy Whitman (Goldy) Rudolph, Ethel Browning Goldy, Deborah (Stafford) Browning, Bonnie Alma (Kern) Stafford, Ruth A (Stafford) Goldy, Edwin Montgomery Stafford.

In front: John Edwin Stafford and Lois Mae Stafford.  Taken in 1934.

Deborah Browning was the sister of Ruth Goldy.    Deborah and Ruth were the sisters of George Lamb Stafford, who was married to Bonnie Stafford; they were Edwin's Parents.   Deb & Ruth were Edwin's Aunts.   Amy & Ethel were Edwin's First Cousins,  who were John & Lois' First Cousins Once Removed, which would have made them my First Cousins Twice Removed.