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James Cain Goldy  1855-1939


Elizabeth "Lizzie" May Cox       1869-1930




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1860 census he is 5 years old and living with his parents in Waterford Twp, Camden County, NJ.

In the 1880 Census report he was living with his father in Waterford, NJ. He rented a farm from Billy Sunday, near Big Timber Creek, Delaware River Toll Gate, next to Dutch Park.

1910 Census he was living on Brick Street with wife Lizzie, James, Emanuel, Samuel, William, Ruth S, Joseph, Walter, Jesse (in as son on this census)

Census 1920 Record for Gloucester, Camden County, ED 114, NJ he was living at 427 Hunter Street with Elizabeth, James Jr, Emanuel, Samuel, William, Joseph, Jessie (which has him listed as daughter). Walter and Ruth are not mentioned.

From my grandfather, his son, James Cain rode with The Jesse James Gang, during the train robberies only. He was known as, "Two-Gun Frenchy", that being that he looked like a little Frenchman and always used two guns. Any time someone would question my grandfather about his father, he would walk away.

It is very hard to prove this otherwise, since most of these men used aliases. But as a girl I remember him being asked about his father. He would always walk away.

The only persons Grandfather ever talked to on this subject was myself and my Godson Jesse Patrick Goldy. Though ALL of the family knew.

They say his gun was marked on the handle with notches. Need I say more?

The towns people would always know when to go by his home or not. If the window was open more then an inch it was not safe to go near the farm...that's all he needed to get his gun through and shoot you.

A neighbors dog would constantly come onto the farm and kill their chickens, he warned the owner several times that if he did not keep the dog off his property he would kill it........and that is what he did, right between the eyes. (hey, well that's the way I was told it)

He  lived in fear that one day someone would recognize him and he would be hanged.

He always had and ate rock candy. He would hide it never share with the children. Lizzie May would get it and gave it to the children.

He lived for a time with Jesse and Carmella Goldy in PA, but he started to hallucinate and it became a little too much for Carmella, that they had to then put him in a home. We don't know which home, possibly in the Gloucester area (? Lakeland).

Died of Chronic Myocarditis and Chronic Nephritis. He was buried 26 July 1939, funeral director- Wm. Barclay, Gloucester, New Jersey. His funeral was at Etherington Funeral Home in Gloucester, New Jersey. The address at the time of his death was Woodlyn, New Jersey.

I did send a letter (with a SASE) requesting any information that they may have of James Cain Goldy, that was several months back in 2003 and I have never received a response to my request.

When my Grandfather was born Lizzie May named him Rulon Jesse Goldy.  James however wanted it Jesse Rulon Goldy, for Jesse James and she wanted no part of it. BUT! When James went to register his birth, he changed it, to Jesse Rulon Goldy. It was many, many years later (1978), that Poppy along with everyone else, learned the truth. He was Jesse Rulon Goldy


Lizzie-May, as she was known by.....after mother, Annie Shearer Cox died in 1872, was sent to Orphan'sHome then to the Chester Springs Orphanage in Pennsylvania, until she was 16. It was here that she had an accident to her nose which left her maimed for her life.

She had a brother Jacob Craft who died in infancy, also in 1872 and is buried with her mother at Mount Peace Cemetery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

James Cain Goldy met Lizzie May  in Pennsylvania, returning from the west. They married in Philadelphia in 1892.

She was unable to collect any sort of monies,from her fathers death because her birth was never registered in Pennsylvania. After receiving papers it never said whether she was approved or not. It was told to me by my mother and her sister that she was unable to get her fathers pension.

It is said by family that she was a very sweet lady. Aunt Martha Lee Goldy said she had a "male friend" at the time of her death.

In 1898 lived at 405 Bergen Street Gloucester City, New Jersey