Samuel Goldy 1743

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Marriage Bond of

Samuel Goldy and Ann Toy

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Samuel Goldy 1743-1819

The son of

William Goldy


Deborah Haines

Samuel Goldy 1743

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Samuel Goldy was born January 27, 1743 and died February 20, 1819, 76 yrs and 24 days. He was the son of William Goldy and Deborah Haines Troth 1703-1749 (widow of Paul Troth). Samuel was raised by his uncle, John Goldy 1723-1801, brother of William Goldy. He married Ann Toy 1750-April 19, 1826, on September 29, 1770 in Burlington County, New Jersey. Samuel and Ann are buried side by side, at the Pemberton Baptist Cemetery, in Pemberton, New Jersey. The cemetery is located just south of a stream called GOLDY RUN.

Samuel Goldy and Ann Toy had: Joseph 1771-1848, John 1774-1833, Mary b: 1776, Elizabeth 1779-1840, Isaac 1786-1876, William 1788-1858, and Ann 1791-1870.

New Hanover. Stryker's Revolutonary War Census.

Note: Orphaned at the age of 8. Raised by his uncle, John Goldy

Samuel was a tailor. The following excerpt is in a deed that was found at the NJ Archives: "the heirs of Samuel Goldy to Shedlock Bryan--12.25.1827
Joseph Goldy and Rachel, his wife.

John Goldy and Amelia, his wife.
Thomas Dalton
Elizabeth Hooper
Isaac Goldy and Parmelia, his wife.
Ann Warner of Burlington County, New Hanover Twp., land in Pemberton Boro, New Hanover Twp., house and land conveyed to Samuel Goldy on 02.20.1786 by William Silver. Samuel died interstate and left eight heirs; money to be divided amoung seven.

Southerly corner of Martha Croshaw's lot to the corner of William Kinsinger's lot.

Halfway through the deed, Ann's name was changed to Nancy. Samuel and Ann Toy's deceased daughter, Mary, was married to Thomas Dalton/Dolton, thus his signature on the deed.

Buried with wife Ann Toy at Pemberton Baptist Cemetery.

(Early New Jersey Marriages, vol G 1739-1791 #189)

Samuel Goldy of the city of Burlington, and Robert Burchan of the city of Burlington...(bound to)...William Franklin, Governor...500 pounds, 29 September 1770...Samuel Goldy...obtained lisence of marriage for himself and for Ann Toy of the same place...[W] 29 September 1770.



There is another Samuel Goldy. He was born in 1745, died unknown and was a cousin to Samuel Goldy 1742. He was the son of Joseph Goldy and Margaret Wells. He married Jerusha Corlies 1746-1805, on February 02, 1765 also in Burlington County, New Jersey.

Samuel Goldy and Jerusha Corlies had: Sarah Corlies b: 1765, William Corlies 1767-1851, Daniel 1769-1843, Mary Corlies b: 1771, Deborah b: 1773, Thomas Corlies 1776-1851, Jerusha Corlies b: 1779, Samuel Corlies b: 1781, Corlies 1783-1833 and Dority 1787-1830 (that is the correct spelling for her name).



In a letter dates 04.02.1899 from Elizabeth (Goldy) Hurff, of Mt Laurel, NJ age 73 years. She is the sister of Samuel B Goldy who lived near Long-a-Coming (Berlin, Camden Co) 20 years ago. "His father was Wm Goldy b: 1801; his father was Wm C Goldy b:1767 & his wife Letis Jenkins b:1770. Wm C Goldy's father name was Samuel Goldy. Samuel Goldy's family consisted of Thomas, Daniel, Corlies and Wm C. Dority was the sister of my grandfather, Wm C and 2 others. I disremember their names. I think one married a Clevenger."

1904 from Mary E Smith to Elizabeth Hurff. "Bible of William Goldy (please note that this Bible is still in the hands of family who will not share / copy the contents of this book.) son of Samuel and Dorothy, b 12-4-1716. Joseph Goldy, son of Samuel was b 8-3-1819. I think I sent you the birthdates of Samuel&Jerusha Goldy's children. I found a Samuel d 2-20-1819. His son William C was b 1767 d 10-2-1851 married 1791 or 92 Letis Jennings & 3-29-1816 Hanna Peacock.

06.19.1904 from Samuel Oliphant to Miss Sinnott "I feel confident that the Samuel and Dorothy Goldy of this report belong to my ancestral line but I do not know which branch to assign the grandson Samuel who married 1765 Jerusha Corlies, the earliest Goldy I can trace without a shadow of a doubt".

2-8-1903 from J.D. Clevenger of Mt. Holly who "officiated at a funeral of a friend of Mother Goldy (this would be Dority Goldy Clevenger). She joined the church about March 1839. Betsy Bodine (Mary Besty Corlies) is a sister of Mother Goldy's mother (this is Jerusha Corlies). (Rev. J. D. Clevenger is the grandson of Dority Goldy Clevenger)

On 04 January 2004 we were able to place Samuel 1742 with his parents and Samuel Goldy 1745 with his, using documents, marriage bonds and wills. 100 years later! we know where our Samuel's belong.


William 1716-1761, Joseph 1718-1774 and John Goldy 1723-1805 were the sons of Samuel Goldy and Dorothy Brooks.