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1793 New Jersey Militia

New Hanover, Joseph Goldy 1771-1848

Willingboro, exempt Evesham, Daniel Goldy (of Joseph Goldy 1718-1774)

New Hanover, Daniel Goldy 1769-1843 Buried at Pemberton Baptist Cemetery

Springfield, exempt, John Goldy 1723-1801 Buried at Pemberton Baptist Cemetery

New Hanover, Samuel Goldy 1745-

New Hanover, Samuel Goldy 1742-1819 Buried at Pemberton Baptist Cemetery

Info just found on an Arney Goldy (will post)

John Goldy, has his own page


War of 1812

William Goldy 1788-1858 (has his own page) Buried at Pemberton Baptist Cemetery


Civil War

Benjamin D Goldy, 74th Illinois, Co., D, 08.28.1862-disability 05.08.1863

Benjamin D Goldy, recruit, 09.30.1864-06.10.1865

Budd Goldy, 3rd Regiment,  Delaware Infantry, Co., G, H 

Charles Goldy 29th New Jersey, Co., H, Reg. Artillery, 06.12.1862-07.14.1865 Buried at Pemberton Baptist Cemetery

Henry Goldy, 8th PA Calvary, Co. K, 10.01.1861-11.10.1864 

Henry Gouldy, 90th PA, 09.17.1861- deserted 03.16.1862

Isaac Goldy, 95th PA, Co., A, 01.14.1864-07.19.1865

James E Goldy, 16th PA Calvary, Co., M, 02.20.1864-08.11.1865

John Budd Goldy, 84th PA, Co., H, also 57th PA Co., H,  muster roll 03.23.1864

John Durham Goldy, 35th Iowa, Co., B, Sailor, enlisted 08.22.1862. mustered out 08.10.1865 (see above link)

John H Goldy, 5th New York Vol. Infantry,mustered in 04.18.1861 mustered out 08.21.1865 Harts Island, Long Island Sound

John L Goldy, 3rd Delaware, Co., G, Reg. Infantry, 02.29.1964-07.18.1865 Buried at Pemberton Methodist Church

Joseph Goldy, 90th PA Co., I, on 09.0.1861 not accounted for. Was transferred 08.31.1861 to the Signal Corps, US Volunteers.

James E Goldy, 16th Cavalry, PA Vol., Co. M, mustered in 02.24.1865. mustered out with company 08.11.1865

Thomas Goldy, 1st New Jersey Calvary, 16th Volunteer, Co., F

         enrolled: 09.02.1861  mustered in: 09.05.1861  deserted: 10.26.1861 returned: 02.16.1863 (amnesty act) mustered out: 07.24.1865

John H Wilkins, 8th Regiment, New Jersey Infantry Buried at Haddonfield Baptist Cemetery

Samuel G Clevenger, 23rd Reg., New Jersey Infantry Buried at Greenlawn Cemetery

James Henry Goldy, 8th PA Cavalry, Co., G, also 10th PA, Co., M.  Feb 1865-Aug 1865

James H Goldy, enrolled 11.13.1863, at Philadelphia, PA. Age 18. Killed 07.03.1864 near Petersburg, V!irginia.

James S Elliott, 3 months 11th PA Vol., 3 yrs 6th Reg., Cavalry and was Captain of 1T, sixth colored Cavalry at the close of the Civil War. Buried Williamsport, Washington Blvd Cemetery

Joseph H Goldy, 14th Co.,A to Co., A, 5th Veteran Infantry (06.02.1864) age 25, enlisted 04.18.1861 in Brooklyn, NY, 3 year term.

Thomas H Goldy, private, 90th Regiment, PA Volunteers, Company D, enlisted 02.28.1862, deserted 08.01.1864 from the hospital at   F!redericksburg, Marylan!d.

John Goldy, 116th Regiment, Co. A, mustered in 06.18.1862, PA Volunteers.Wounded at Gettysburg. PA on 07.02.1863. Died 11.02.1864 from wounds received. Buried at Popular Grove National Park in Petersburg, Virginia. Div D, Sec C, grave 80

Franklin Warner Throp Co. B, unit 7 Battalion TN Calvery CONFEDERATE. Extract from “A National Register of the Society, Sons of the American Revolution: Principle Events of the American Revolution has reference to Franklin Warner Throp, son of Stachus and Achsah (Goldy) Throp, grandson of John Goldy, sergeant New Jersey Troops.

Book, "History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5; prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature", by Samuel P Bates.  

bulletPage 136     James H Goldy       89th Regiment - 8th Cavalry
bulletPage 145     Henry Goldy            89th Regiment, Co. K
bulletPage 167     Thomas H Goldy     19th Regiment, Co. D
bulletPage 546    James H Goldy         19th Regiment, Co. I
bulletPage 1237 John Goldy                116th Regiment, Co. A




James Cain Lewis Goldy, 1893-1965 New Jersey - buried at Beverly National Cemetery

Emanuel Cox Goldy, 1895-1972, New Jersey - buried at Haddonfield Baptist Cemetery (has his own page)

Emerson Goldy, 1898-1954, New Jersey - buried at  Eglington Cemetery, Clarksboro, New Jersey

William Ashley Goldy, 1894-1964, Illinois

Verne Audry Goldy, 1899-1976, Illinois

Clarence A Goldy, born 1893, Illinois

Floyd  Benjamin Goldy, 1884-1963, Montana

John Bickford Goldy, born 1890, Montana

Charles Wesley Goldy, born 1881, Pennsylvania

Charles Burton Goldy, 1874-1938, Pennsylvania

Melvin A Goldy, born 1899, Pennsylvania

Chancy Wainwright Goldy, 1878-1923, Pennsylvania

Lawrence Frank Goldy, born 1874, Pennsylvania

Garrett Hepburn Goldy, 1883-1918, Pennsylvania

William Lane Goldy, 1889-1975 Army, Medic

  *  Since Denise, my cousin, has found 31 additional names from reg cards, I have given them their own link. See the above WW1 link



William T Goldy JR 1924-1987 Buried Mt Holly Cemetery

Unites States Navy, Emanuel "Charles" Goldy

Lemeul Goldy, 1926-1985 enlisted 11.22.1945 Wisconsin, private first class

Lemeul Goldy, 1901-1974

United States Navy, Richard Goldy, 1910-1948

Samuel E Goldy, United States Army Air Force POWif you click on his name it will take you to a web site about him.

Unites States Army, Army Air Corps, Captain, 1942-1945, Paul Kenneth Gouldy  

United States Navy, Samuel Lloyd Goldy, 1918-2001,  aboard aircraft carriers: Long Island, Block Island, WASP in Pacific.

United States Navy, John Francis Goldy 1917-2004, SF2

                    The below are all United States Army  (Denise was very busy on Veteran's Day 2005)

William Henry Goldy 1924-2008  enlisted 12.23.1942 Camden, NJ, private, 82nd airborne, Normandy

Walter Goldy 101st airborne, Normandy

William F Goldy 1917- enlisted 06.18.1945 Camden, NJ, private

Warren Goldy 1927- enlisted 01.07.1746 Alabama, private

Rowland Goldy 1917- enlisted 03.10.1942 Camden, NJ, private

Milton J Goldy 1921-2002 enlisted 07.28.1942 Camden, NJ private

Aiden Goldy Jr 1924-1985 enlisted 06.24.1943 Newark, NJ, private

Bruce L Goldy 1915- enlisted 09.18.1941 New Cumberland, PA, private

Carl T Goldy 1891-2001 enlisted 01.22.1945 Buffalo, NY, private

Edward M Goldy 1921- enlisted 11.27.1940 Albany, NY, private

Victor D Goldy 1908- enlisted 01.16.1941 Buffalo, NY, private

Arthur J Goldy 1923- enlisted 07.14.1942 Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana, private

Robert E Goldy 1911 enlisted 08.13.1942 Fort Jay Govorners Island, NY, private

Robert W Goldy 1919- enlisted 06.18.1943 Albany, NY private

Charles R Goldy 1918- enlisted 05.15.1942 Cleveland, Ohio, private

William N Goldy 1906- enlisted 10.17.1942 Camden, NJ, private

Kenneth E Goldy 1920- enlisted 03.25.1942 Harrisburg, PA, private



Korean Conflict

United States Navy, Rulon Emanuel Goldy, stateside,  Then sent out on a Oil Tanker (he refused an order from a superior). He also refused to salute the captain because he felt that he didn't deserve it. After a battle the Captain gained his respect and Rulon then began to salute him..

United States Air Force, Robert Pasquale Goldy (Award for Airman of the Month)

United States Navy,  William Carlos Goldy Jr

United States Air Force, John B Goldy

Unites States Air Force, Paul Goldy, stateside, airborne radio/radar repairman, 497th fighter interception squadron

Unites States Marines, Albert Elijah Goldy, KIA 10.06.1952

United States Navy, William Goldy, b: 29 May 192



Vietnam War

United States Air Force, Rulon Emanuel Goldy,  Retired.

           Rulon E. Goldy joined the Navy on his 17th birthday. After his 4 years, was out for about 2  months when he decided to join the United States Air Force. 16 years. Retired Military 20 years.

United States Air Force, James Charles Goldy 1938-1998

United States Air Force, Thomas Eugene Gouldy, Staff Sergeant, 1966-1970

United States Marine Corps, Grover Edward Goldy, born 02 July 1946

United States Air Force, 1967, William Edward Goldy


More recently those we are proud of

United States Air Force, James Charles Goldy (Uncle Jimmy), 22 years. Master Sergeant. Retired

United States Air Force 11.1976-12.1984, Jeanne' Aimee Goldy, Serving in England, Germany and the United States.

United States Air Force, 12.26.1989-12.25.1999, James Charles Goldy, Sgt. Received Honor Graduate ribbon from basic training and Good Conduct .

United States Army, John Anthony Goldy 1959-1999

United States Air Force, Patricia Margaret Goldy

United States Air Force, Patricia Goldy

United States Navy, Brian Robert Goldy, disabled Naval Vet from the war on terrorism he was in the Indian Ocean off of Afghanistan on the Admirals flag ship (Blue Ridge) for the 7th fleet on the attack against the Taliban.

Unites States Navy January 1991-April 1995 William Jason Goldy,   He was discharged in April 1995 with the rate of ATAN (aviation electronics tech).  He received an honorable discharge, after his inactive reserve obligation was complete in January 1999.  

a-usa2.gif (3271 bytes)United States Army, Maria (Stokes) Goldy, August 1982-November 1995. Re-Inlisted July 1996-Retired 2007.  

* Maria has just been promoted to Sergeant Major (1 February 2005)


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