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William Gooldy of Evesham Township, Burlington County, New Jersey 1751 

Inventory made by John Hiller and Jacob Prickett

Sons Joseph and John Gooldy. Bond of Joseph and John Gooldy of Gloucester County, husbandmen, as Administrators.

(Papers signed Goldy)



Joseph Goldy, New Hanover Township, Burlington County, New Jersey 1774 

Wife: Margaret (Wills/Wells)

Sons: John, Daniel and Samuel



John Goldy the elder, New Hanover Township, Burlington County, New Jersey 1805 

In poor state of health.

To be buried beside my wife (Margaret Allen) at Baptist Meeting House at or near New Mill. 

John Goldy, the son of my nephew Samuel Goldy at the New Mill, my big Bible.

Nephew: Samuel Goldy real and personal estate.  

My true and A-fty friend Joseph Goldy of New Mill, whole and sole executor of last will and testament.

Witness’ L Howell, John Bodine Jr and Samuel Fort



Joseph Goldy of Springfield Township, Burlington County, New Jersey 1848


Wife: Rachel (Atkinson) Goldy farm and plantation, all farm tools, household goods and kitchen furniture all of her natural life. And any unnamed personal items.

Daughter: Ann Goldy (after mothers decease, farm, plantation, etc.) $150 and all furniture in spare room upstairs.

Son Isaiah G Goldy a note of hand which he now holds, $1905.00 at 5% interest, has been received and paid on 06 April 1847

Late Daughter: Charlotte Hancock, 3 minor children, Amor Hancock, Rachel Hancock and Prudence Hancock, children of Thomas Hancock, the sum of $1000 to be shared among them. The girls to receive at the age 18 and Amor the age of 21.

Grandson: Thomas A Gaskill $1000 at the age 21

After the said wife deceased the executors to sell house and divide equally between, Ann Goldy, Isaiah Goldy, late daughters 3 children, Amor Hancock, Rachel Hancock, Prudence Hancock and Thomas A Gaskill, to be given to them at said age. 


Executors: Isaiah Goldy, Grandson Joseph Goldy

Witness’: Joseph Stevenson, William N Pew and William Black



William C Goldy of the Township of Delaware in Camden County, New Jersey 1851


Son: William Goldy all that part of farm where now resides, plus other lands. Cedar Swamp on Atquatquo branch. In the county of Burlington.

Daughters: Deborah, Susan and Lettice all house hold furniture, stock, hay grain, wagons and farming utensils and all other movable property that may be on hand at time of decease. To have an equal share. Also my homestead farm with 3 acres off the Jackson Farm. The part of Cedar Swamp that was conveyed to me by George Haines in the county of Camden. The other part to son William. And 10 acres purchased of Thomas Redman and 7 acres conveyed to me by Atter Gongo.

$300 to daughters Rebecca Haines and Rachel Sharp.

Rebecca Haines, $300 after one year of decease of father, also to receive land.

Rachel Sharp to receive $300 after one year of decease of father, plus land.

Granddaughter: Keziah Haines $100, one year after decease of grandfather.


Witnesses were William H Nicholson, Joseph S Haines and Amos Haines.



Isaiah Goldy, Mansfield Township, Burlington County, New Jersey 1862


Ann Goldy $1000 (sister)

Unto the anti slavery Adceaty of Pennsylvania $1000 for the benefit of the slaves.

George W Rydhouse $500 when turns 21 years of age

Wife: Eliza H Goldy all my bank stock. 2/3rds of all the balance of my estate and the remaining to daughter Jane L Rogers.

All my real estate to be sold at the time of my decease at my executors may think most expedes---.


Executors :Shreve Rogers and Clayton Hancock.

Witness’: John B Taylor, Ridgway Hancock, and Franklin Hancock       

Clayton Hancock signed stating his death




Ann Goldy, single woman, Jacksonville, Springfield County of Burlington 1869

Daughter of Joseph Goldy and Rachel Atkinson 

Nephew: Thomas A Gaskill all property, both real estate and personal 

Also Thomas A Gaskill executor of will.

Witness’ Joseph E Haines and Hugh M Wood



Susannah Goldy, Township of Delaware, Camden County, New Jersey 1870

Also known as Susan 

Nephew: Thornton Sharp, son of Aaron Sharp, $200

Sister: Rebecca Haines, wife of Isaac Haines, all of estate, real and personal, after death of Rebecca, to go to niece Hannah Ann Haines, daughter of Isaac Haines. 

Friend Benjamin Cooper is made executor

Witness’ Jonathan Burr and Isaac L Shivers



Eliza H (Childs) Goldy, County of Burlington. Mount Holly, New Jersey 1877


Friend Mrs. Hannah Newton, feather bed and $7500

Sarah E Lippincott, daughter of Nathan E Lippincott $500

Brothers and Sisters of the above named, Sarah Lippincott and children of Nathan E Lippincott Jr, Mary J Author, Edith L Stockton, Camelia J Lippincott, Susan Lippincott, Beulah A Lippincott $1000 and further Beulah A Lippincott, six silver table spoons marked 72W.

Eliza S Goldy daughter of the late John and Amelia Goldy, $100.

Daughter: Jane Rogers all real and personal estate, to receive interest and income annually in her lifetime from said residence.

To the children of Joshua Childs: Ellen, Brandon, Rebecca, Evcioss, Jane, Kelly, Joshua Childs.

Isaiah King Son of Charles King,

my nieces:Hannah Butterworth, Mary E and Abigail A Lippincott. Daughters of the late Edward Lippincott. Rachel G Hancock, Prudence R Hancock, daughters of the late Edward Lippincott. Thomas A Gaskill now living in Iowa, Mary T Arthur, Edith L Stockton, Sarah E Lippincott, Beulah A Lippincott, Cornelia J Lippincott, Susan Lippincott, Nathan E Lippincott Jr, children of Nathan Lippincott and George W Royelh of the city of Philadelphia shall each receive share and share alike the property thus reserved for my daughter Jane Rogers.

Sarah E Lippincott my silver tea set. 

Executor Clayton Hancock and Alexander Martin

Witness’ Joseph L Wright and John Birkett



Joseph Goldy, Township of Lumberton, Burlington County, New Jersey 1878


Wife: Sarahann (Warner, widow Clevenger) Gouldy, the proceeds from sale of residence and property that  I reside in situated on the road leading from Mount Holly to Lumberton and containing 54 acres

Daughters: Sarah Money wife of Thomas Money, 1/5th of proceeds, her children, Mary Money and Jay Money, $200 out of her 1/5th

Martha Anderson same as sister Sarah, her children, Harry, Ella, Robert, Voorhees Anderson $100

Son: Seander (Leander) Gouldy, 1/5th of proceeds, his daughter Martha Gouldy, $200, bed and bed clothes as his wife could spare.

Son: William Henry Goldy, 1/5th proceeds, his son, Joseph Gouldy $100.

W H Gouldy’s other children. William, Rebecca, Susan, Robert and Jonathan, $50

Daughter: Mary Taylor, wife of John Taylor 1/5th of proceeds, her children William, Julia, Mary and John, $100, one bed, bedspread and as many bedclothes as wife can spare. 

Executor, friend William C Lippincott

Witness’ Charles Darnell and Marmaduke S Pancoast



William Goldy, Camden County, New Jersey 1879


Wife: Mary (Bennett) Goldy, my new house situated on the south side of Main Street near Eastwardly end of Haddonfield, New Jersey. And all household goods, furniture and family provisions on hand at time of death. $2000 and $4000, fifth clause.

Grandson: William Goldy, a certain piece of Cedar Swamp situated in Burlington on “Lakes bridge branch, nearly across from Jackson Glass Works, given to me by my father William C Goldy.

Fifth Clause]

Son in law: (Waters)Burroughs Hurff $4000, to be secured by bonds and mortgages on real estates, interest to be paid to said wife yearly. And that said wife shall have a comfortable support. If said wife needs money to be comfortable to be paid to her from the said monies. After her death remaining to go to children to share and share alike.

Children, Elizabeth, Rebecca Ann, Samuel, Emily and Sarah 1/5th parts. The parts or share of the balance of the money to daughter Sarah.

Son in law: George Jones, as trustee. If any child is a minor then to be cared for by guardian of child if said wife decease. 

Executors, Son Samuel B Goldy and son in law George Jones

Witness’  J L Howard and Fleming Middleton 


Son: Samuel, wearing apparel, in addition

Daughter: Sarah one goose feather bed, bedstead and sufficient bedding, silver watch.

The residence to be given to daughter Sarah held by George Jones in trust for her.

It is now said George Jones, trustee as aforesaid or his legal representatives shall without unnecessary delay pay over to my said daughter Sarah all monies and estate held by him as such trustee in her behalf.



Isaac H Goldy, borough of Hightstown, Mercer County, New Jersey 1881


Sons, George B Goldy, Howard Goldy and Elmer H Goldy $50

Daughter Cora A Goldy $500 

Wife: Rebecca Goldy the remainder and residence of real and personal estate.

Executors Rebecca Goldy and Elton Hunt

Witness’ A B Wycoff and Ths Applegat



Samuel B Goldy, Waterford Township, Camden County, New Jersey 1882


Wife: Elizabeth C (Prickett) Goldy, executor

Son : James C Goldy. Lot of Cedar Swamp. Gold watch

Witness’  John Sivers and John Clement



Lettis Goldy of Haddonfield, County of Camden, New Jersey 1882


Niece Elizabeth S Hurff wife of Waters B Hurff, all furniture and goods, and $100

Waters B Hurff $200 for the trust and benefit of niece, Sarah Wilkins, wife of Job Wilkins

Niece: Emily M Jones, wife of George W Jones, $100

Niece: Rebecca Ann Wilkins $500

Niece: remaining residence and estate to Elizabeth S Hurff 

Executor Waters B Hurff

Witness’ James Middleton and R Elmer Clemmons 

Signed    Lettice Goldy



Isaiah P Goldy, Pemberton Township, Burlington County, New Jersey 1885


Son: Shedlock P Goldy, 1/7th part from sale of estate

Son: Isaiah P Goldy, 1/7th part, less $300

Grandchildren of his four deceased daughters, 1/7th part,

Deceased Daughters

Serena Haines, late wife of Garwood Haines 1/7th part

Jerusha Dobbins, late wife of Ambrose Dobbins, he gets 1/7th part, less $300

Sarah Montgomery, child Goldy Montgomery 1/7th part, less $300

Mary Worrell, late wife of John H Worrell. I hereby and bequeaths to the children of deceased daughter Mary Worrell together with the $900 taken from the three have thought proper to take, she my said daughter Mary Worrell having left from childrest.

Wife Rebecca B (Lamb, 3rd wife) Goldy estate and 1/7th Shedlock Goldy and Isaiah Goldy

Will changed to 1/6th part to Son

The children of late daughter Serena Haines late wife of Garwood Haines

Grandson Albert N Dobbins, son of my late daughter Jerusha Ann, late wife of Ambrose Dobbins

Grandson Goldy Montgomery, late son of Sarah Montgomery

Children of late daughter Mary Worrell, late wife of John H Worrell 

Executors: Frank Earl, John H Worrell and J Goldy Montgomery

Appraisers: Joseph M Reeves and William H Bishop

Witness’ William N Bishop, Joseph Antime and Budd S Goldy



Martha J Goldy, East Windsor Township, Mercer County, New Jersey 1887


Brother: Samuel Goldy, all real and personal estate

Sister: Margaret Goldy, all real and personal estate

Nieces: Mrs. Sarah J White of Trenton, Mrs. Parmikin A Snowhill, of Spottswood. Mrs. Caroline S Goldy of Homerstown, Mrs. Cora Swan of Camden, remainder of estate. 

Executor John Waddy, if brother should die before her (he was made executor by legal paper)

Witnesses to property Samuel B Croshaw and Nicoff Sorton



Benjamin Goldy, Hamilton Township, Mercer County 1888


Wife: Jane Ann (Barber) Goldy from sale of residence all monies.

Children: Oliver, Jamie, and Jessie share and share alike from estate when mother dies. 

Benjamin M Phillips trustee and executor

Witness’ Abraham J Walker and Joseph Brearley



Rebecca (Mount) Goldy, Borough of Hightstown. Mercer County, New Jersey 1893


Late husband Isaac Goldy

$50 to the executors

Son: Howard Goldy $3500, also everything, clothing, comfort is to be taken care of for him. The use of furniture, carpet, bed, and bedding contained in the southwest room second story of her said residence during his natural life. And after his decease to be given to Edna Swan, daughter of Cora A Swan.

Grandson: John M Goldy, $50, son of Howard Goldy

Daughter: Cora A Swan and her children shares to be divided among them. Cora, the furniture, carpet beds, bedding all clothing, silverware, jewelry and all crockeryware, glasses and the oldest of two family Bibles. Mortgage and inventory, $2100 now held by Rebecca Goldy on the property of 524 Stevens Street in the city of Camden.

Son: Elmer H Goldy and his children, shares to be divided among them. Furniture, bed, bedding, carpet contained in the southeast room on second story of residence. The other family Bible. The house that provided Howard lives there free of charge. Elmer must pay taxes and do all the repairs of said house/

Cora A Swan and Elmer H Goldy also 20 shares of stock of the First National Bank of Hightstown, to be shared.

$200 to Hightstown Presbyterian Church so that my family and descendants would always have a seat there. 

Executors: friend Abram Bergen Wyckoff, Cora A Swan and Elmer H Goldy

Witness’ George G Felton and J W Harris




Samuel Goldy, East Windsor, Mercer County, New Jersey 1893


Sisters: Ann, Margaret and Martha Jane, all property real and personal. 

Executor John Waddy

Witness’ Austin A Wright and Samuel B Croshaw




Jane Ann (Barber) Goldy, City of Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey 1896


Widow of Benjamin Goldy

Leaves everything to daughter Jessie Renelt

That this will replaces any prior wills. 

Witness’ George O Barber and Frank Renelt



Ann E Goldy, Hornerstown , Upper Freehold Township, Monmouth County, NJ 1898


Brother: Henry H Goldy $100

Niece: Sarah J White $100

Niece: Caroline S Goldy $100

Nephew: Isaac H Goldy $100

John Waddy $50

Edward A Waddy $50

Howard Goldy $50

Elmer E Goldy $50

Lizzie Van Hart $50

Residence to be divided between, John Waddy SR, Edward A Waddy, Anne P Snowhill, Sarah J White, Caroline S Goldy, Isaac H Goldy, Howard Goldy, Elmer E Goldy, Cora Swan, Ernest L Goldy, Harry A Goldy and Samuel Goldy Jr to share and share alike. 

Executor John Waddy SR

Appraisers, Samuel B Croshaw and Vincent D Van Nest 

Hand written piece of paper added:

To sister Margaret Goldy $200

Mrs. Carrie S Atkinson to have black paisley shawl

Mrs. Sarah White to have black lace shawl

Clarence M Waddy to have my ?dawn comfortable and blankets and cain rocking chair

Anna P Waddy my furniture and chintz bedquilt

Cora Swan my ?chastring

Edna Swan to have my white bedspread

Frank S Goldy my clock

Emma G Waddy to have looking glass and small washstand and rocking chair in my room

Anna G Waddy my large washstand and $50

Hellen Goldy the china