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I remember being told that we had an Uncle that was the Governor of New Jersey.

That's something that we have been working on and off. Could it possibly Jennings?


Goldy's listed in  Indiana (some born in Ohio)

There is a Goldy link here.

And it is possible that it starts with Shedlock Pancoast Goldy 1793

the of Daniel and Margaret "Mary" Pancoast Goldy



Rebecca H Goldy 08.1851 - 02.21.1906 married 1868 to Joseph Klees 04.24.1836 - 03.16.1905. He is buried at Webster Cemetery, Huntersville, Lycoming County. PA. The son of Henry Klees and Sophia Yeakel.

Their children: Mary Ann, Charles S., George, Henry, Elizabeth, Jonas, Susannah, Jacob, Joseph, Abigail, Sarah and Elias.

Rebecca is the daughter of John Budd Goldy 1823-1899 and Sarah



Samuel Goldy b: 1848, located in Illinois 1880 census. He was born in Ohio, father born in NJ and mother born in PA. His wife, Lucretia (Coleman) Goldy, age 31, born in Kentucky. His sister in law, Lydia Coleman is also living with them. She was also born in Kentucky.

Samuel is the son of Charles and Esther Goldy.

Charles is the son of Samuel and Dorothy Southwick Goldy.


1880 Connecticut census: Henry H Goldy age 52, a carpenter. Father born in NY, mother born in NJ. 

Wife named Harriet age 45, a son Harry A age 18 and a son named Samuel N age 16.

This is the son of Isaac Goldy and Pamelia Martin



Charles Goldy born about 1816 in New Jersey, moved to Ohio, moved to Indiana. 1860 Noble Twp.,Wabash County, Indiana Census.

The son of Samuel Goldy and Dorothy Southwick



John L Goldy 1840-1887 and Margaret "Maggie" King 1843-1924

Son of John Goldy and Louisa Leeds. John Goldy is the son of John Goldy and Amelia Wright.05232004



Eam Goldy, Matilda R Goldy, Lidie Goldy, Charles B Goldy, Isabella Goldy, John Goldy.

they are buried at The Pemberton Methodist Church Cemetery

Lidie Goldy (Mary Elizabeth Goldy), w/o William Fort, Charles B Goldy and Isabella Goldy

are the children of, Corlies Goldy and Hannah Rossell. 05192004



Carolina H Goldy married a Willis T Read on 24 January 1847. Both of Southampton, New Jersey



Joseph Ralph Goldy of Mt Holly married Marjorie Fenimore Easton on 12 October 1933. 

He is the son of Joseph Goldy and Effie Powell



Isaiah Valentine Goldy Pippitt born 23 March 1840

He is the son of Samuel Asa Pippitt,

who is the brother of Sarah Pippitt who married Daniel Goldy (II)



William Goldy b: 28 October 1851 to Joseph and Hannah Goldy



Samuel Weister Goldy b: 13 August 1834 to Edw A Goldy and Rebecca A Weister



Rachel Goldy died 10 October 1875 age 60 of Thomas and Mary Goldy



John Goldy died 6 October 1872, 1 day old, of Samuel and Mary Goldy



Sarah E Goldy d: 27 May 1872, 5 days old, accident, of William and Amelia Goldy



Anna Worrell d: 5 February 1870, age 92 of Samuel and Ann Toy Goldy

First married Francis B Warner. Mr Worrell first name is unknown at this time



Margaret Goldy d: 6 August 1855, age 85 of Shedlock and Hannah Pancoast

This is our "Mary Pancoast" who married Daniel Goldy 1769-1843



George W and Nellie Goldy

Harry            died 03.14.1902 8 months

Martha Elmira       died 05.15.1896 2 months 1 day



Benjamin Goldy married Rebecca Nixon in 1920, both of Burlington.



Amanderine daughter of William Goldy died 04.10.1899, 5 years old

Daughter of William Y and Sibilla Jones Goldy



(James E Goldy ) Anna M Goldy, Helen S Goldy and Ernest S Goldy buried at Haddonfield Baptist Cemetery

Anna is the wife of James E Goldy, the son of James M and Amanda Schreiner Goldy

Ernest and Helen are the children of James E and Anna M Goldy



Willingboro, NJ.  John Goldy b abt 1799, wife Priscilla b abt 1788, daughters Sarah Ann b abt 1834 and Emma b abt 1840.

Emma married a William Hoffman.



Buried at St Brigid's Cemetery in Lilly, PA, Washington Twp, Cambria County

Peter Goldy 1878-1942, Catherine Goldy 1880-1956, and John Goldy 1905-1961. 



  John Jackson Goldy born 1839 of William or John WIlliam Goldy and Malinda Manerva McCarty


Goldy Fort born abt 1829 and married 12.16.1851 to Adelain Powell

1850 census Southampton, NJ,  as Goaldy. Livng with William Gibbs Family.

1860 census Vencentown, NJ, still living with William Gibb as a laborer.

(age 84).

Page 336, Dwelling #30, Family #30


Name:  Nicholas Goldy
Rank:  Private
County:  Middlesex Co.
Annual Allowance:  96 00
Sums received:  625 02
Description of service:  New Jersey line
When placed on the pension roll:  November 12, 1818
Commencement of pension:  May 27, 1818
Laws under which inscribed, increased or reduced OR Remarks:  Died November 29, 1824.

Name:  Harold R. Goldy
Serial Number:  2435629
Race:  W
Residence:  526 Winthrop St., Toledo, O.
Enlistment Division:  National Army
Enlistment Location:  Toledo, O.
Enlistment Date:  26 Apr 1918
Birth Place:  Williamsport, Pa.
Birth Date / Age:  26 7/12 Years
Assigns Comment:  Co F 332 Infantry to Discharge Private, first class 4 June 1918. Vittorio-Veneto; Defensive Sector. American Expeditionary Forces 8 June 1918 to 15 Apr 1919. Honorable discharge 3 May 1919.
Volume #:  6


LIZZIE GOULDY - single. Oct. 13, 1918 abt. 70.  Senility and chronic bronchitis.  Buried in Mound Cemetery.

ELIZABETH GOLDY - widow - 7/5/1836 to 3/20/1915 - 78 y. 7 m. 5 d. she and her parents all of PA.  Exhaustion following a fall and fractured hip.  died at 2123 High St.  7th Ward.  Buried in Mound Cemetery.

MARGARET GOLDY - Married  9/28/1818 -  Apr. 8, 192 for her death date.  43 yrs. 7 mo. 10 d. Born in Tioga County.  Father from PA; Mother from MD.  Perforation of intestine.  Buried in East Wildwood.

CHARLES H. GOLDY 1/13/1855 to 9/24/1906 - Died in Lycoming County.  He and his parents were born in Lycoming County.  Died of pulmonary tuberculosis at 668 Franklin, 8th Ward.

EMMA K. GOLDY - b. 2/15/1900 d. 9/8/1904 of cerebralspinal meningitis at 307 Washington St. 8th Ward.  Buried in Wash. Blvd. Cemetery.  She and her father were both born in Williamsport.  Her mother was born near Bellefonte, PA.

Emma K Goldy is the daughter of George H and Hattie M Goldy. George is the son of Joseph Henry and Christiana Goldy (08.25.2008)