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updated 04.16.2007



Carmella Josephine Caroline Cirillo

August 24, 1911

April 05, 1965

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Jesse Rulon Goldy

August 20, 1908

February 21, 1991

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Carmella Josephine Caroline Cirillo



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The house at 11th and Bay Avenue

Ocean City, New Jersey

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Elizabeth and Jesse Goldy

Upper Darby, PA 1941

Jesse R Goldy, James C Goldy & Emanuel C Goldy

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Jim and Emanuel Goldy

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Gustave Hudson & Ruth Stafford Goldy

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Emanuel Cox Goldy

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Joseph Wilkins Goldy

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Will Goldy

JohnHWorrellFarmInBuddtown.JPG (66125 bytes)

The John H Worrell Farm

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Pasquale Cirillo 1943

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Lousia Frederico Cirillo

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Sarah Goldy Allen, Margaret Goldy Jordan, Laura Smith Goldy, Lillian Goldy.

Isabelle Goldy, Sarah Parks and baby Mary (they are family friends) and Lavinia Goldy


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Joseph Wilkins Goldy


(Jesse) Rulon Goldy

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Laura C (Smith) and William Goldy c: 1933



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Post Card 1911

sent to

Jesse Rulon Goldy

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Champion and Amanda Brown Goldy's family.

Photo taken abt. 1868

Champion Goldy age 49 seated, Amanda, with hand on shoulder, Isaac, Thomas, Champion Jr., Sarah.

Front Row: Purnal, ??, Lavinia, John, George, and William.

I would think that the women in the middle to be Lavinia Haines Goldy.




AmandaGoldy1907.JPG (24247 bytes)

Amanda Goldy 1884 -1968

Her picture and Wedding Dress 1907

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MarthaLeeGoldy.JPG (22684 bytes)September 18, 1899 - November 16, 1999


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Emerson Goldy


Woodbury, New Jersey

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Aunt Annie but if you listen carefully we say AnnAn-nee