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This is from the book Woodward & Hageman, History of Burlington and Mercer Counties. 1883.

Buddtown (pages 423-425)


Buddtown is a village of about 150 people, located in Southampton Township on the "Stop the Jade Creek", a branch of the Rancocas Creek. Midway between Vincentown and Pemberton.

In 1719 the land was owned by Thomas Budd.. His grandfather arrived in Burlington in 1678. Thomas married Jemima Leeds the daughter of Philo Leeds. Thomas Budd bought his father in law a large tract of land, adjoining what is now called Buddtown, where he lived and died in 1775. Willing and deeding about 1500 acres of land to his 3 sons, Thomas, Isaac and Joseph.

In 1849 after the death of Col. Thomas F Budd (son of Joseph Budd) the land was divided between his two sons, Leander J and William I Budd.

William I Budd took the farms on the east and south of the survey. William I Budd dying in 1856 without male heirs, his brother and executor Leander J Budd, sold the homestead to John F Budd, the farm south of it to William Hoit, the farm west of the last to Pemberton Taylor, he to James Marble. John F Budd afterwards sold his to Edmund Prickett;, he to William E Taylor; he to Henry I Budd;he to Thomas Reeves; he to Isaiah P Goldy; he to William Pope, by whom it is now owned. William Hoit sold his to William H Doran, who now owns it. James Marble's descended to his son-in-law Josephus Sooy, by whom it is now owned. Leander J Budd dying in 1864, left his farm to his widow, Rebecca L Budd and children, - Henry I , Rebecca A and Mary F, by whom it is now owned, but occupied by Peter Ellis, husband of Rebecca A Budd Ellis and J Goldy Montgomery. Absalom Edmund owns the farm to the east of and adjoining the town. This farm descended to him by his father, Thomas Edmund, who bought it of Samuel Dobbins about 1826. From 1826 to 1845 the land adjoining and southwest of the town belonged to Thomas Gaskill. From him it descended to his son, Isreal Gaskill, now owned by John H Worrell and Somerfield Budd. South and southeast of the town James Asay owned the farm Pemberton Taylor now owns, and  Thomas Dolton, then James Atkinson the next farm south, now owned by Robert C Taylor. At this early day, 1826, Isaac Lee also owned 20 acres adjoining and west of Dolton's. Still farther south, the adjoining farms to the ones above mentioned are the Isaiah Goldy farm, George Gaskill, Joseph Bennett, John Cox, Asa Rogers' heirs and Benjamin and Lewis Atkinson farms. Beyond these and over the Rancocas comes in the pine region, with but little farming land, except an occasional oasis in the midst of a sandy desert.