Joseph Goldy 1718-1774

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Joseph Goldy  1718-1774





Born in August 23, 1718 probably in Northampton Twp., Burl. Co. to Samuel Goldy and Dorothy Brooks. 

July 11,1725 - Will of father, Samuel Goldy, Of Northampton, Burl. Coond of Dorothy, widow of, as administratrix of estate of her husband: John Brooks of Evesham, Burl. Co, fellow bondsman. Inventory of Estate 141.9.11 inclu. Bonds and bills 73.1.6, 2 great Bibles, other books and things 5.15.6 made by Philo. Leeds and John Burr.  

1734 will of John Brooks of Evesham, Burl.Co., yeoman. Mentioned in will (Lived with him till age 14 or so). Dorothy Goldy also mentioned along with John and Miriam, wife Eliz. And stepchildren Thomas Topham & Susanna. 

February 26, 1742/43  Married Margaret Wells, daughter of Daniel Wills, merchant, and Margaret Ayres of Northampton Twp., Burl. Co. on at 1st Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. 

June 19, 1747 Joseph Goldy listed as owing a debt to Robert Down of Glouc. County, yeoman along with John Ladd, John Smallwood. 

Oct. 1747 – Deptford Township, Gloucester Co., mentioned in estate proceedings of Amariah Ballinger of Glouc. Co. was paid monies for debt along with others. 

Dec. 1747 wife Margaret Wells Goldy was left a legacy of 150 pounds by her father, Daniel Wills, in his will. 

1748-49 Listed as Overseer of Roads in Gloucester Twp., Gloucester Co (Minutes of Gloucester Twp) 

March 23, 1749 David Wills, son of Daniel Wills, brother of Margaret Goldy, was appointed ward of Joseph Goldy, yeoman of Gloucester County. (David did own a farm in Evesham, inherited from his father). 


                  Extracts of Wills Family Wills from New Jersey 1670-1750                         

1749 March 23 Wills, Davis, 14 years and upwards, son of Daniel Wills, of Burlington Co., deceased, ward. Guardian. Joseph Goldy, of Gloucester Co., yeoman. Bondsman Jonathan Thomas, of Burlington Co., innholder. Witnesses Rob. smith, J. Scattergood. Gloucester Wills 4414 H.


April 1751, listed as administrator, along with brother John, on will of brother William, in Evesham Township, Burl. Co 

Jan. 20, 1752 Witness to will of Simon Bayley of Twp and Co. of Gloucester. Along with Hannah Wills, and Hope Hugg. Also did Inventory of estate on March 3, 1752 along with Isaac Kay.  

1754-55-56-57 & 58 Listed as Assessor in Gloucester Twp., Gloucester Co. (Minutes of Gloucester Twp) 

Jan. 3, 1758, will of Amariah Ballinger, probably cousin to above, of Deptford Twp., Gloucester Co. Yeoman, Witness of Will along with Isaac Ballinger and George Kemble 

June 3, 1760 Will of David Budd of Northampton Twp., Burl. Co. Witnessed will along with Levi Briggs and Francis Briggs. Inventory made by John Goldy and George Briggs. 

July 22, 1760 Witness to will of Robert Hill of Northampton Twp., Burl. Co., along withWilliam Venicombe, Thomas Bechinshea. Note John Goldy was an executor. 

1774 Lived in New Hanover Twp, Burling Co, NJ, Listed as a householder (not landowner) in New Hanover Twp., Burl. Co.  (NJ Rateables) (died that year) perhaps lived with son Samuel and Jerusha. 

Nov. 19, 1774 Will Of Joseph Goldy of New Hanover Twp., Burl. Co. schoolmaster. Int. Administrator Samuel Goldy, taylor. Fellow bondsman – Job Rogers, merchant, all of New Hanover Twp., Nov. 17, Renunciation by Margaret Goldy, widow of said Joseph Goldy. Witnesses – John Goldy and Daniel Goldy. Nov. 17. Inventory 14.14.8 made by Job Rogers and Joseph McIntosh.  Lib 15, p. 551.

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