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Please note that we have shut down the Goldy Guest Book

due to the inconsiderate, self centered, gutter slugs

who continued to add their GARBAGE on OUR FAMILY WEB SITE.

All comments will now have to be sent to our email address,

and from there we will then upload your comments here.

My cousin and I both thank you for your continued support.

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Date: 08 Apr 2004
Time: 10:27:21

Donna; I was blown away by what you accomplished. Seeing the pictures of My parents and of my Grandfather (Pasquale). I can not thank you enough. Love Godfather. Robert Pasquale Goldy


Date: 09 Apr 2004
Time: 16:27:04

Donnamarie: Thank you for your efforts and you have done a wonderful job putting this web site together. I am also very grateful that you have taken the time to include the biography on John Goldy (Rev. War Soldier) on the site. Thanks again and best regards, Tom Gouldy, Lancaster, PA


Date: 09 Apr 2004
Time: 18:55:59

Donnamarie, you are the greatest. Without you and your wonderful website, so much would not be known of the Goldy family. What a lot of work and effort you put into this, it is greatly appreciated. I am happy to be a (Marion Amies) Goldy, wife of William C. Goldy, Jr. I know I am in a great family. Love ya. Marion and Bill Goldy, Southampton, NJ


Date: 09 Apr 2004
Time: 19:55:24

Donnamarie, My cousin: You are amazing! Love you more. Robin (and your Godson Garrett too) Pennsauken, NJ


Date: 10 Apr 2004
Time: 20:59:37

Donna, Every time I think there is nothing else your could do to make me more proud of you. You go and do something like this and raise the bar for the rest of us. Your Uncle Walt (Egg Harbor Township, NJ)


Date: 11 Apr 2004
Time: 19:22:43

Denise; I couldn't have done it without YOU! Thanks!! Watson, my dear cousin, "you are the best"! Donnamarie


Date: 11 Apr 2004
Time: 19:27:18

Donna (aka Holmes) Without you I could not have accomplished half of what I did. As a team we are unstopable !!!!! Thank goodness for Fairy dust. lol Love you, Denise (aka Watson)


Date: 21 Apr 2004
Time: 21:17:14

WOW DEE REE, and I was impressed with the White Corvette LOL, Your still the coolest ever! I Love You, Also THANK YOU to Denise!! Your Cousin Gwendolyn


Date: 23 Apr 2004
Time: 07:48:46

Dee Ree, WOW is an understatement!!!! You are incredible, and Denise, WOW and Thank You both. Even without the big hair and white corvette Dee Ree your still the coolest ;) LOL. I Love You, Your Cousin Gwen Marie (Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ)


Date: 27 Apr 2004
Time: 10:12:16

Donnamrie, Yes you did a wonderful job. I know it took both you and Denise many hours, can't say work, because you are both enjoying it so much. Love you more than yesterday and less then tomorrow...Your Mom.


Date: 28 Apr 2004
Time: 19:23:08



Date: 09 Jun 2004
Time: 17:49:25

Dear Donnamarie and Denise, Your web site is beautiful! Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing ALL of it.

Much thanks, your distant cousin, Kris Merrill. Riverton, Utah


Date: 13 Jun 2004
Time: 09:25:08

Donna, This site is great "good Job"! I found out we are part of the Macpherson Clan ( in my search for our tartan. Best Regards, Bruce Goldy, Folcroft,Pa.


Date: 13 Jun 2004
Time: 09:27:30


Donna: Great Job! I found out we are part of the Macpherson Clan in my search for a tartan. Best Regards, Bruce Goldy, Folcroft, Pa.


Date: 26 Jun 2004
Time: 21:02:55


Donnamarie, you have put together a wonderful web site. Thank you for the acknowledgement on the Williamsport pics. I hope to have more "better" pics for you soon. Vicki Enigk


Date: 08 Jul 2004
Time: 17:50:01

Years ago I researched the Goldy family and gave up the effort because there didn't seem to be much interest in the surname. I am so happy to see such a wonderful endeavor presented in such a beautiful way at this time. Thank you so much. It's truly a labor of love. Best wishes for your success in gathering more Goldy family members and adding more information. Ginny Reiland, West Chester, PA


Date: 17 Aug 2004
Time: 16:35:47

To my dearest and most loved sibling, I started a breif look through the pictures and when I clicked on the Bay Street house I felt a rush of childhood memories. All wonderful memories. Thank you. I'll be back soon to do some more roaming. Keep up the great efforts. With love, Michael Paul


Date: 28 Sep 2004
Time: 09:06:59

Hi Donna, Thanks for putting Daddy's picture up! I was shocked last month when someone asked why he wasn't on our website and I realized I didn't have any digital pics!! The Website is beautiful. I can't say enough about having all the family info in one place and it's so well-designed, too. Big kudos (and big hugs!!!!) Love, Kathleen Anne Goldy


Date: 09 Dec 2004
Time: 10:26:45

Wow, My name is Eric Goldy, and I live in Colorado. I do not know if we are related, but I have been blessed by your history and the number of Goldy's I read about and saw on your site. I do see familure faces in your family, small world after all. We are a very small clan.

Blessings Eric

Date: 11 Jan 2005
Time: 10:38:17

Nice web site, thank you for your information on the Goldy family history. Bruce Goldy Jr. Folcroft, Pa


Date: 01 Feb 2005
Time: 07:18:32

Hello, I came across your website as I was looking for relatives of my great grandfather Allen Goldy (spelling varies acording to census) I have him living on Mellon Street in Philadelphia with his wife Mary in 1900. At that time he was 48 years old and had 9 children. The census shows that his mother and father were both born in Pennsylvania. But I have no names. If you have any information of a relationship here I would appreciate it.


Date: 13 Mar 2005
Time: 06:10:06

it is amazing to see names of my family on this awesome web site. I suppose i am a distant cousin come down through samuel, joseph, john, and another samuel. I am working on my great great grputtandfather stephen tuttle goldy. he is a bit of a pain, couple of wives and nobody knows much. I even have a great aunt that is a namesake to the goldy's Goldie Morris. thanks for being all this up for us to see.

Madeleine Henderson,  Anchorage, Alaska


Date: 24 Mar 2005
Time: 19:41:51

Donna, Thanks for listing my son Seamen Brian R. Goldy. Disabled war vet on the USS Blue Ridge Disabled at sea with the 7th Fleet Battle Group against the Taliban in the Indian Ocean. I enjoy reading about the Goldy family past and present. Keep up the great work.

Brian E.Goldy


Date: 31 October 2005 Time: 16:58:16



After years of work, I just found your site today.  It is wonderful, your hard work and determination show in the end result.

Am working on my husband's line--Rebecca Ann Goldy 1829-1905 who married John Heulings Wilkins on 04 Sep 1851.  They were his great-grandparents.

Thank you so much for sharing your information and pictures--a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

Best Wishes, June Whyte


Date: 2 April 2006 Time 20:26:09



I loved all the information you have posted about the PA 95th regiment. I have two ancestors that fought in the 95th. Mills Williamson (great great grandfather, and John Burnett (brother of my great great grandmother). 

Wayne Blattner, Camp Commander, PA Camp #90 SUVCW