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16 August 2009

bulletSamuel and Elizabeth Goldy


05 July 2009

bulletSherer Family
bulletPage for Emanuel Cox Goldy


03 July 2009

bulletCox Relatives


Happy New Year to All. Be Safe. Be Happy. Be Well.

31 December 2008

bulletupdate the Goldy's are in here, multiply pages


30 December 2008

bulletEmanuel Cox copy of pension paper
bulletSylvester Cox  copy of pension paper


17 November 2008

bulletSalathiel Cox  91st PA Memorial
bulletOur Goldy Veterans under Civil War, names and cards added

01 October 2008

bulletPeacock Family Burying Ground


29 September 2008

bulletFamily Lines Atkinson-Shreve, forward back


22 September 2008

bulletGoldy Resting Places added Colestown Cemetery, Colestown, Camden County, NJ
bulletWas He Really ?   ref to Samuel Goldy being a Quaker


16 September 2008

bulletGoldy Obits  added four new pages linked
bulletIsaiah P Goldy attached to Pemberton Baptist Cemetery


08 September 2008

bulletan "elusive one"  Anna M Goldy, Ernest S Goldy and Helen S Goldy
bulletResting Places, Haddonfield Baptist Cemetery, additional info


26 August 2008

bulletan "elusive one"   Emma K Goldy 1900-1904.    She was the daughter of George H and Hattie M Goldy/Gouldy    


25 August 2008

bulletCox Family Tidbits


4 August 2008

bulletThe Rose Family page, death certificates for Reeves, Susan, Charles and Annie (Emmanul's second wife)


27 July 2008

bulletGoldy death certificates


July week of the 14th

bulletEmmanuel Cox, death cert of his 2nd wife Annie J Rose Cox Williams and her parents.


14 July 2008

bulletDeath certificate of Jacob Craft Cox, son of Emmanuel and Annie Sherer Cox


13 July 2008

bullet  Sarah Cox 1st wife of John Cox Sr, obit


6 July 2008

bulletJohn Cox Sr  new page of his obit and headstone (pictures)
bulletJohn Cox second wife Margaret Ritter (picture)
bulletEmmanuel Cox his resting place (pictures)
bulletSalathiel Cox obit info (pictures)
bulletSylvester Cox obit info (picture)
bullet95th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry 1861-1865 info and link.


30 June 2008

bulletGoldy Avenue in Trenton, NJ
bulletHomes of Goldy's
bulletEmmanuel Cox  page 3
bulletSalathial Cox page 2   plus Battles have been added


14 April 2008

bulletRev Champion Goldy, 2007 News Article


8 April 2008

bulletGoldy's in the News
bulletGoldy's in Print
bulletSamuel Atkinson Dobbins, added the Family Line
bulletGoldy Obits
bulletMoved pages for quicker viewing


30 September 2007

bulletWalt Whitman, letters from Walt Whitman to Ruth Stafford
bulletFamily Pictures,  Hurff Family, photo's
bullet8:33p additional Stafford-Whitman info and a picture of Harry L Stafford


23 September 2007

bullet  Family Pictures , "Goldy-Stafford" added pictures and info


03 September 2007

bulletrevised information on John Cox Sr


11 August 2007

bullet"and even more" added 4 more pictures


09 August 2007

bullet"and even more" added 7 more pictures


29 June 2007

bullet"Goldy Marriage Page" added 3 more marriage bonds to
bullet"Goldy Pictures" picture of Champion Goldy Family cira 1868 in


20 November 2006

bullet"The Original Eight Pages" added names to
bullet"More Family" added picture to


25 June 2006

bulletPicture of: BettyLu, Karen, Walter and Jesse Rulon


01 February 2006

bulletChampion Goldy: News Article '05
bulletWW1 names added: Robert Gaskill, George Neal Goldy, and Leon Wright Goldy
bulletLizzie May Cox: 1880 census report listing for orphanage
bulletSalathiel Cox: 1890 Veteran Schedule Pension Record
bulletGoldy Run: full aerial view of the stream
bulletElusive Ones: Solved Samuel Goldy and Lucretia Coleman


22 December 2005

bulletPemberton Baptist Cemetery: additional headstones and plaque
bulletPemberton Methodist Church Cemetery: John L Goldy headstone
bulletMt. Holly Baptist Cemetery: additional headstones